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“I was referred to Dr. Jenn Davis by my orthopedist. He recommended I work with Dr. Davis as her skills would complement the work he was doing for my lower back and leg pain. His recommendation was right on target: she addressed the pain, dysfunction and extreme discomfort I was experiencing with great expertise. An attentive listener and an effective problem solver, I always felt confident Dr. Jenn would have options with her array of tools and procedures to address my pain. She has exceeded my expectations to help heal and support me through some very challenging days. I can now look forward to a physically comfortable lifestyle again. Thank you, Dr. Jenn.” 

Debra L.

-- The Dr. Jenn Experience --

What is the difference between a "customer" and a "patient"? To me, the term "customer" denotes a cash cow for a business; whereas, "patient" denotes a real person, with a real need for a health concern. These two terms are of vital importance as it relates to my relationship with any medical professional.

A visit to a doctor -be it general practitioner or specialist, brings about significant levels of anxieties. A "good" medical practice is cognizant of such critical emotional and mental state of the patient. It, therefore, fosters environmental and doctor-to-patient interaction to counter these inevitable so-called "white coat syndrome" conditions. All of this occurs before any evaluation and treatment begin. It was this forward thinking experience that I witnessed during my first visit with Dr. Jenn -some three years ago. Dr. Jenn is humanistically attentive and compassionate during the treatment session. With each of my two sessions per week, time seems to lapse very quickly, and I look forward to my next visits - although those needles pack serious pain "punches," however, necessary!

It is without any doubt -in my mind that Dr. Jenn posses the spirit of a true healer. Combined with her keen ability to see her patients as "patients" -instead of the norms: "customers," makes the treatment and healing process an experience worth having. The combination of this multi-facet approach by her and her team, have provided me with sustained recovery and a continued preventative treatment regimen -weekly for three years now!

Indeed, Dr. Jenn, "In health"!

Mossa B.

Amy D.

I have been with Dr. Jenn for almost 10 years.  What sets her apart is her vast skill set including traditional chiropractic techniques, stretches and exercises and cutting edge approaches like dry needling and cold laser therapy. A combination of techniques have helped me go from being a candidate for spinal surgery to practicing yoga and hitting the gym on a regular basis.  Whether Dr Jenn is working with an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, she treats every patient with the same high level of care by finding the optimal individualized treatment plan that is right for them.

Bob R.

The dedication of a healer/doctor is the loyalty and sacrifice that exceeds their Hippocratic Oath to patients in their practice.


Not only does that include the required continual education, seminars, and required certifications to provide the best updated possible treatment and care,  it requires great time and travel. 


Doctor Davis exemplifies a great devotion to provide these qualities and energy to the best care to her patients.


These qualities are what make Dr. Davis special from other practitioners. What makes Dr. Davis different is evinced in her making visits and accommodations to her valued patients during this transition period. I have experienced this myself. I will always stay with Dr. Davis.  She is simply the best.  If I have an emergency fall/accident and need for treatment, she will always go out of her way to make time to see me, even if it requires difficult travel time on her part.

Carlton S.

I call her the "Bone Whisperer".  I have been working with her for over 5 years and she provides excellent care.  I have scoliosis and a partially torn meniscus.   I love to play basketball quite a bit.  I have friends who have similar ailments that monitor their physical activities, but I don't because of her.  She uses various techniques to keep my entire body strong.  She utilizes dry needling, exercise bands, weights, treadmills, medicine balls, and numerous other things that keep me going.  She has taught me how to pay attention to my body.  I have been to several chiropractors over the years, but none are better than her.  You will not regret your first visit.  And, I say first visit because you will be back again.

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